Quite A Lot Done

Well I did as I said I would do and actually planted up some seeds and garlic which I have to say was very satisfying. The garlic (Solent Wight) I planted in the veg garden along the picket fence just to see how it would do. I have planted nine types of tomatoes to give me a really good selection. Some of these I have chosen myself and some to be honest I got free in gardening magazines and I can’t bear the thought of not using them. I kinda think that this will be a good way of doing a bit of a seed trail!! I have listed the seeds below along with photos to give you some sort of idea of what they are like. I sowed these seeds on Monday and they have germinated already. Am really chuffed with that. I also sowed some aubergines and chillies so here’s hoping germination is just as succesful.